<> Design, Develop and Deploy a Real-World Web Site </>

Ready to explore the world of web development?  Do you want to see the website your created for a real customer?  This class is for you! Learn how to organize, build and launch a real-world website for a real customer from start to finish, with a team of female web professionals.

The session focuses on the basics of UX (User eXperience), Design, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. In this session, students will get hands-on, in-person training in the foundations of web programming along with plenty of time for interaction and questions for the leaders.  We will be covering a range of topics on web design & coding as well as exposure to different career paths within the web industry in a classroom of peers who are all starting at the same level.


What students learn

The Customer wants their sleek, well designed website you can be .

You will learn:-

  • Introduction to web concepts
  • Web Development professions
  • Design for User Experience
  • HTML and getting fancy with fonts
  • CSS Styling, Javascript
  • Build Content Library & working with photos
  • Re-iterating development based on customer feedback