<> Accessorize your Outfit with Smart Wearable Tech </>


What is better than wearing a t-shirt, scarf or earrings? It is making it spring to life with code, based on your heart beat, the changing of temperature in the room, the changing of lighting in the space or to the rythm of music. 

Are you ready to get your hands-on e-textiles, electronics, and assembling robotics? In this supportive and engaging environment, you will learn electrical engineering and coding principles using LilyPad, Arduino and mBox robot. You will create wearable elements that spring to life with lights, sound and temperature sensors, prototyping devices that amaze and inspire—the perfect balance of creativity and tech.

This session introduces you to principles that set the foundation for promising futures in fields like electrical engineering, software development and robotics. It is ideal for girls who like building, making, creating, and programming. The LilyPad Arduino teaches electrical programming and electrical prototyping which allows you to build and program soft circuits. This wearable tech programming explores the real-world application of engineering!


What students learn

Accessorize your outfit with this smart wearable technology you have designed and coded yourself.

You will:-

  • Work in teams to assemble, program and test Arduino microcontroller based mBot robotic devices.
  • Create wearable electronics that spring to life with lights and sensors.
  • Prototype devices that amaze and inspire—the perfect balance of creativity and tech.