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The uCodeGirl Nerds

The uCodeGirl Nerds


StudySaver: An Excercise in Problem Solving

uCodeGirl works to help young women develop an entrepreneurial mindset. The female participants met once a week from October to February 2018 on a Sunday afternoon for two hours at a time to brainstorm and identify a problem in their community that is also affecting their age group.

They used the Engineering Design Process and sticky notes to generate ideas, categorize their ideas into common themes, vote on the ideas, put together survey questions for their top 3 ideas and asked their community peers for their input.

The premise of collaboration and the rules of engagement during the brainstorming were: no idea is a bad idea; every student's voice count; work is always distributed evenly among the team members; and we listen to understand. The female students divided the task at each step of the process and supported each other in researching, communicating, designing, planning and prototyping. 

Problem: Students struggle with staying organized and keeping track of homework or tests leading to anxiety. The target age group are teenage students.

Solution: Alleviating stress and anxiety in teenage students that arise from over scheduled activities, unorganized time management and missed school assigned projects and homework.

Product: StudySaver app.


Product: StudySaver