Our STEM Mentorship brings together local female industry professionals, entrepreneurs, and leaders in STEM and their teen mentees to facilitate one-on-one mentoring relationships and provide substantive, skill-based programs and networking opportunities for both mentors and mentees. 

Through STEM-focused events throughout the school year, STEM mentorship supports students’ pursuit of their academic and career aspirations and surrounds them with a community of integral resources and relatable role-models.

A mentor is a brain to pick, an ear to listen, and a push in the right direction.
— John C. Crosby

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Stem Mentorship Timeline


STEM Mentorship Kick-Off

Are YOU future ready?

Career Exploration & Discussions


The Joy of being in Virtual Reality!

Experiential Hands-on Learning

The Entrepreneur in YOU - Keynote & Discussions


Holiday Networking


Speed Geek-ing - Round Table Ideas Exchange

Experiential Hands-on Learning

The Leader YOU can be in Medical Field


For HER it is Rocket Science, the NASA Engineer 

Keynote and Discussions


Drone Technology, Nano Technology, Aerospace Engineering, Medical Technologies, Crime Scene Investigation, Autonomous Vehicle Technology, Smart Bots, Robotics.  Oh, my! 


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