HelloWorld{}: Coding 101 with Java</>

Your future in coding begins here. Learn the building blocks of Java in this introductory three weeks session. You will learn the fundamental building blocks of Java programming language known for its "write-once and run everywhere" model, the most powerful programming language of all time.

Java is also the preferred programming language for most high school programming courses.  Get a head start on college preparatory course,  AP Computer Science.

A good knowledge of algebra will make this course a breeze: variables, integers, and algebraic expressions, order of operations,  and distributive property.


What students learn

It all starts with your first HelloWorld{} java program.

You will learn:-

  • Code project in Java, an Object Oriented Language
  • Work on sample test app
  • Learn concepts of
    • Class
    • Variables
    • Switch Statements
    • System Outputs
    • While Loops
    • Methods
    • If Statements
    • Objects