<> Sky High Coding with Mini-Drones </>

Did you know that you can code your own drone and fly like a pro? Discover coding skills while  experiencing the thrill of flight and accomplishment as you learn to program mini drones using block level intuitive visual programming language.

Pilot drones through extreme maneuvers, grasping objects and flying aerial combat missions all with the power of code.  Your codng skill grows step-by-step. You will keep the mini drone and keep learning.


What students learn

Perform fantastic aerial stunts and maneuvers of your mini drone.

You will learn:-

  • Scratch programming tool
  • Concepts of coding like events, variables, conditionals and loops
  • Write programs to control the flying of drone using visual code blocks
  • Program the remote control to fly the drone the way you want fly.
  • Sync project to and from mobile app.
  • Program drone to react to your tablet's accelerometer
  • Navigate drones through obstacle crourses