<> Crack the Code: Sky High Coding with Drones for Girls</>

July 31 - August 4, 2019 - Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Drone selfie! What is better than taking a drone selfie? Coding the instructions for the drone to take the selfie shot.

Drone selfie! What is better than taking a drone selfie? Coding the instructions for the drone to take the selfie shot.

The smart things you love are made of code. 

uCodeGirl is thrilled to provide a free coding opportunity called, Crack the Code: Sky High Coding with Drones for Girls, for 100 female high school students from 50 undeserved public school districts in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. 

The young women will learn the concepts of coding through programming the flight patterns of drones. Besides the drone coding, the female students will be inspired and enriched with insights into the world of software development, explore software careers, and empower them with confidence building exercises. 

The Young women will also be inspired and supported by female technology professionals as role models, a signature tenet of uCodeGirl.  This project-based intensive programming inspires creativity, fosters collaboration, sharpens communication and cultivates critical thinking, all 21st-century skills for the young women to become a creative, innovative & resourceful adult.

uCodeGirl is dedicated to seeing a world where the people who create and build technological products and services mirror the people and societies for which they create and build. The vision of uCodeGirl is to inspire and equip young women to become the future driving face of innovation in technology. uCodeGirl is a US based 501(c)3 non-profit organization uniquely designed to enrich young women with computational design thinking skills (coding), leadership traits, and an entrepreneurial mindset.

uCodeGirl exists to remove roadblocks for teen girls so that they can bridge the gap between them and their full potential.  So that they can confidently pursue opportunities suitable for the 21st century.  By building confidence, enhancing skillset and tapping into their intellect and curiosity, uCodeGirl helps young women chart a pathway to the T of STEM careers. 

Beyond the Camp - The Ripple Effect:  The young women will get to keep the drones so that they can go back to their respective schools and share with others what they have learned. This is a spark to something extraordinary in the continuum of inspiring and equipping young women to the T of STEM careers.

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What The Female students learn

Perform fantastic aerial stunts and maneuvers of their drone. Oh, the possibilities…

The young women will learn the three tenets of uCodeGirl:-

  1. Confidence Building & Leadership Traits

    • In the footsteps of a professional Software Engineer

  2. Entrepreneurial Mindset

    • The human design process in solving real-world problems using technology

    • Resourcefulness, Resilience, Trial-error, Collaborative Team work, Creativity, Communication, Critical Thinking, etc

  3. Computational Thinking Skills

    • Introduction to drones and its real-world applications

    • Fundamentals of flight patterns and safety considerations

    • Foundation of programming: concepts of coding like events, variables, conditionals and loops

    • Write programs to control the flying of drone using visual code blocks

    • Web development skills such as HTMl, CSS, javascript and phython

    • Learn to sync the project to and from mobile app.

    • Program drone to react to your tablet's accelerometer

    • Navigate drones through obstacle courses

    • Each Unit ends with a multi-question quiz where students answer a series of multiple choice, true/false, and write-in answers

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