Intrigued and compelled by the ever-present question, “How can I see more young women aspire to technology cateers?” Betty Gronneberg made the un-natural progression from Software Engineer to Social Entrepreneur to found a social profit organization called uCodeGirl. Created to intentionally rhyme with the phrase “you go girl!”, the all-female powered non-profit, uCodeGirl, embodies inspiration and empowerment. Through year-round programming, Betty explains her vision of uCodeGirl as "we want to say to a young girl, we will support and encourage you with mentorship. We will teach and guide you to acquire technical skills. We will build the village around you and stand behind you by tutoring, as you explore your potential and find your best self.” So that the future generation is empowered with skills and confidence, they need to successfully navigate and actively participate in this increasingly digitally-driven market.

"I was a 2nd year college student in Ethiopia majoring in statistics when I was given that rare opportunity to be part of the first-ever Computer Science degree program. I had never touched a computer before, let alone program one. But mentors guided me, and help me believe in myself. And I never looked back." After an M.S. degree in Software Engineering & a 23+ yrs software development career, Betty is set out to inspire more young women be the driving force of the technological products and services they consume.

"Our purpose is to fill the access to technology sandbox with more diverse voices, globally, by inviting young girls to opt-in early...." ~ Betty Gronneberg, Founder and CEO, uCodeGirl.

At the core of uCodeGirl is access to skills and opportunity, to reach out and touch a young girl. "We not only teach technical skills, but also create communities of like-minded peers, globally. We say come as you are, we will provide you with visible and accessible female mentors so YOU can create solutions to real-world problems and engineer YOUR world." Her call to action? "Join us to inspire and empower many more young women."