If I have seen further, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants.
— Isaac Newton

Crack the Code: STEM Mentorship for Girls

October 2917 - May 2018

uCodeGirl's Crack the Code: STEM Mentorship for Girls brings together area women professionals in STEM and their teen mentees to facilitate one-on-one mentoring relationships and provide substantive, skills-based programs and networking opportunities for both mentors and mentees, throughout the year. 

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Our goal is to build a support system for teen girls to be nurtured for STEM academic success and to support students’ pursuit of their academic and career aspirations by providing: Supportive mentoring relationships and STEM-focused events and opportunities.

Stem Mentorship program timeline

Occurs the 2nd Tuesday of every month starting in October 2017, from 6:00 pm to 7:30 pm.

October 2017

Mentors Orientation
STEM Mentorship Programming Kick-Off


Programming for STEM Mentors/Mentees  


Holiday Networking Program for Mentors/Mentees


Programming for STEM Mentors/Mentees 

May 2018

Year End STEM-a-Palooza

If we show girls and young women what others have achieved before them, and how women now and throughout history have changed the world, we can inspire them to pursue a STEM career.


Please fill out this short questionnaire.  Mentor/Mentee matching group will use the information provided to best match mentor to mentee, unscientifically.  Thank you for participating and helping kindle the fire with in a young girl.

Mentor orientation night is on Tuesday, Oct 10 @6:30 pm.  

Name *
Phone *
E.g PhD in Mathematics
Would you volunteer to facilitate a mentorship session? *
Facilitating one of the eight mentorship sessions for an hour is a great opportunity to bond with your mentee and an experience in leadership and public speaking. Materials and guidance will be provided.
E.g. linkedin.com/in/bethlehemgronneberg