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I love being part of uCodeGirl! I want to increase the number of Computer Scientist by one.
— Amanda, 11th grader

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Girls are purposeful, ambitious and creative. When they are confident in their abilities and are prepared with the knowledge and skills they need, they can become leaders in whatever fields they choose.

However, young women often feel shy or insecure, particularly when it comes to subjects like coding, robotics and engineering, which are often already male-dominated. This means girls are missing out on developing skills that are critical in our new digital economy—and are at a disadvantage when they graduate.

At uCodeGirl, we empower young women by sparking their curiosity, nurturing their passion, and encouraging their ambition. Our year-round, skills-based programs provide opportunities for young girls to learn from women who are leaders in their fields. Girls dive into coding, design, web development and robotics projects.

They explore their interests and develop skills like creative problem solving, analytical thinking, collaboration, marketing their ideas and more.

In this supportive community, girls can connect with their peers and meet strong female role models.

We help girls set and achieve their own goals, building their confidence along with their abilities.

We must act now to ensure that all girls graduate with the skills they need to become leaders and inspire other women so we can close the gender gap in technology, business and other industries.

I enjoy seeing successful women in my community. I am inspired to think of not narrowing down to one specific career goal. I am just excited to think of more new ideas for the future.
— A uCodeGirl mentee

Just imagine all the possibilities for our future as we work together to help more girls unlock their talent in the ever-growing field of technology. Thank you!

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Your gift of $10 or more will be matched for greater impact by our generous supporters.  

When you donate:-

  • $10 or 25, you show your support

  • $50, you give a girl an experience to participate in a national tech design challenge

  • $100, you give a girl a scholarship for STEM Mentorship

  • $250, you give a girl a scholarship for summer camp

  • $350, you give a girl a scholarship for a year-round programming including tutoring on AP Computer Science programming

  • $__ (When you give the amount you desire, leaders are created, potentials incubated and communities thrive. )

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