Dear Parents,

We are thrilled to welcome your amazing daughter to this unique Crack the Code: Summer Tech Camp for Girls. You will find us at the intersection of technology + friendship + food + fun!  We look forward to having your child for an 8 days of learning and growing. 

Location Change: Our new location for the Summer Camp is MSUM College of Business and Innovation. 

Graduation Date: June 29th at 6:00 pm.

NOTE: For students to participate at  camp, we need the forms below signed by the parents and emailed back to by mid-night June 1, 2017. Questions or comments? We can be reached at 701-446-8269


Betty Gronneberg, uCodeGirl, Executive Director

What's in a Day?

Date:  June 19-22 + June 26-29 Mon. - Thur. 9:00 AM - 3:00 PM

Parking: G-LOT - North & West of MSUM Center of Business,  1104 7th Ave South | Moorhead, MN 56563

Drop off: Starting 8:30 AM

Overview:  Lesson Overview / Rules & Expectations

Session in Progress 

Break: Snack provided by uCodeGirl

Lunch (12:00-1:00 pm): uCodeGirl Provides (Fill out the food allergies form)

Presentation: Inspiring female role models / Trends in Tech e.g. Drones

Break: Snack provided by uCodeGirl

Session in Progress

Pick up: At 3:00 PM

Please sign and email the following four forms to uCodeGirl at Thank you.

The links below download to PC.  Please read, sign & email back.

  1. Safe Departure of Children Consent 
  2. Liability Waiver 
  3. Food Allergies Disclosure Form 
  4. Media/Photo/Video Waiver 

Please Sign these Forms

What did we do today?

During the camp, we will send an email summary as well as regularly post updates on facebook and twitter. Follow us on social media Twitter: @ucodegirl, Facebook:

Questions or comments? Email: or Phone: 701-446-8269

We are working on great initiatives for the fall and beyond. Look for invites to these two exciting events coming up!

  • STEM Mentorship Initiative: Oct 2017 - May 2018
  • Regional & National App Design Challenge:  Aug. - Nov. 2017 

What is in store next?

Your registration will make you uCodeGirl class of 2017! And affords you with the following year long opportunities. No obligation. Just amazing opportunities to be part of a community of girls and area women mentors. You will get to:-

  • Take part in the two weeks Crack the Code: Summer Technology Camp for Girls. June 19-29
  • Be part of the Shape the Future: Inspire and Nurture Her Mind STEM mentorship initiative. Oct 2017-May 2018
  • Opportunities for a real-world connection with area technology companies, networking opportunities in a regional & national technology competitions. All year round.

What is a uCodeGirl club membership?