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uCodeGirl is an opportunity to invest in our collective future.

Make your impact today – each and every gift plays a role in making a profound difference in the life of girls in our community who can grow up to be the next world-changers in the technology field.

Your gift can be the difference between a girl pursuing her passion for technology, or choosing a path that leaves her potential untapped.

  • When you give $50 -  you are providing a STEM Mentorship scholarship for a young girl. 

  • When you give $100 - you are providing support for a young girl to participate in a summer technology camp to inspire and prepare her to pursue opportunities in tech. 

  • When you give $350 - you are giving a young girl an annual scholarship to uCodeGirl membership which gives her access to all classes and programs.

  • When you give the amount you desire, our impact deepens and serve expands to more young girls. 

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"I want to help provide an opportunity to young ladies to build the confidence and experience that I didn't have until later in my life.” ~ Ashley Hann, Marketing Engineer, Sundog [Volunteer]